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After the cigarette market in-depth analysis and deliberation, completely broke Leo Burnett Morris limited mandate and resources of Marlboro for a new "sex reassignment surgery", boldly proposed to Morris:marlboro cigarette The Marlboro changing the position of manly cigarettes, change light cigarettes as tobacco flavors, increase the flavor content, and bold transformation of Marlboro image: packaging using was pioneered flat open the lid and red symbolizes the power of technology as the main color of the outer casing. Advertising on major changes are: Marlboro cigarette advertising is no longer appealing to women as the main advertising Marlboro cigarettes repeatedly stressed manhood to exude rough, bold,cheap marlboro cigarette heroic cowboy image for the brand, attract all love, this spirit of appreciation and the pursuit of consumers.

This is by far the most successful and great marketing plan, as Leo Burnett bold breakthrough planning resources and tasks,marlboro cigarette completely changed the fate of Morris, Marlboro brand, marketing and advertising strategies according to Leo Burnett the next year (1955) after the change of planning ideas, sales jumped Marlboro cigarette brand in the United States ranked first 10, after they soared. The company designed and manufactured a number of international brands, Hugo boss that is the group's brands. In addition the company has also made many licensed brand name, design and production of Missoni, Gianfranco Ferre and other famous brands. The Marlboro Classics in which the largest, which has annual sales of more than two hundred billion liras. Marlboro personalized clothing to build its global retail network through stores,marlboro cigarette outlet independent dealers and department stores, sales in Europe, Asia and North America. During the last eight years, sales increased by four hundred percent, retail sales of more than two hundred million US dollars.

Marlboro Classics in October 2093 to set up shop in China's first store in Beijing Scitech Plaza. In short sales network covering North,marlboro cigarette outlet Northeast, East and Midwest, not only has counters in leading department stores around the country, but also in some big cities set up an independent brand stores. Marlboro build character through clothing stores, independent dealers and department stores its global retail network of 130 stores around the world have been, store shops 185 and 1,450 independent dealers throughout Europe, Asia and North America. American cowboy image and brand free and independent spirit of harmony and beauty of nature is the Marlboro personalized clothing designers who strive to express each season, the natural and unique,cheap marlboro cigarette beautiful and durable lasting for years but just as Marlboro personalized clothing western clothing the most important feature.

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